• Stunts: The Second Pillar

    Last time, when discussing the four pillars of Fate, I discussed skills. As a companion to skills, I figured that stunts should be next, so here it is!

  • Mental & Social Skills in Fate Accelerated

    Earlier today, I was asked a really great question on Google+:

    I know that you wrote some articles on your site abot Fate Accelerated, but I found no information about the « Create advantage » action. For example, I’m a guard and I try to have some information from a paysan woman. I said to the GM : « He ! You know that I grow up near the market when I was a child and I perfectly know the Big Master of the market ». The player try to create an advantage to create an aspect « I know a The Big Guy of the market » to use it after to obtain some answers from the women.

    I don’t see what Approach I can use to « Create advantage » in this example.

    Can you help me with this ?

    Why yes, I can!

  • Skills: The First Pillar

    When discussing Fate, the most obvious—yet at the same time most overlooked—pillar is skills. Most gamers are familiar with how they work: roll dice and add a number, so it’s oft-overlooked. However, skills can be a great boon when customizing skills to your own game.

  • The Pillars of Fate

    For such a narrative-driven system, Fate has its fair share of crunchy elements, and not all are given the attention they deserve. Most of the time, new players to Fate games focus solely on the aspects—after all, that’s the “new shiny” compared to other games.

  • Horizontal Character Development

    Since The Dresden Files RPG, Fate has had the ability to grow characters by giving more skill points and more refresh. This allows characters to advance numerically in addition to whatever in-game growth characters go through.

    However, sometimes there is too much importance put on numerical growth, and not enough on character growth—as in, growing the entire character instead of just giving more numbers.

  • Playing with the Deck of Fate, Part 1

    I very much enjoy having tactile bits to play with at the table—dice, counters, chits, etc—so cards are a natural extension to my love of stuff. When the Deck of Fate was announced, I purchased a copy right away.

    However, there hasn’t been much done with it since. Neither official “support” or fan-made uses. Today, I’m going to start what I hope is a long line of fun things you can use the Deck of Fate to do.

  • Powers and Stunts and Aspects…Oh My!

    There are two common ways that people end up doing “powers” in Fate: stunts for each, and aspect permissions. I constantly see the stunts-for-each model used, and only after someone talks about the aspect permissions do people give them a try. I always wondered why stunts were the popular way to go.

  • Converting to Fate

    Converting to Fate

    Fate is a great system, but doesn’t come with a built-in setting to play. This is Fate’s biggest strength: it’s open to be used in any genre for almost any game. However, this “genericness” of Fate can also be a hinderance. With aspects, stunts, skills/approaches, stress tracks, and fate points, it can be daunting for those not familiar enough with how Fate works.

  • Retaking Refresh

    In Fate Core System and Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) your refresh rate is a vague measure of your character’s power. The higher your base refresh rate the more you can do: either with more fate points available or by having a multitude of stunts. But what if you could have your stunts and your fate points, too?

  • Patreon Refresh

    Brand New Patreon

    If you are one of my patrons—or are interesting in becoming one—head on over to my Patreon page. I’ve done a complete revamp of it. Different milestones, different pledge levels, the works.

    What’s New?

    New stuff includes a monthly pledge instead of a per-article pledge, a quarterly PDF of all (non-review) articles, and the option for G+ Hangouts! I’m hoping that the new format will entice more people to support what I’m doing and have a more active hand in my content.

    Take a look at what’s new.

  • New Site!

    After much toil and trouble, I finally have my new website up and running! I’m still kicking the proverbial tires, so if you find anything not working or something wonky please let me know! Specifically if you find a link that no longer works.

  • Shadowcraft: The Glamour War

    I’ve got some great news that I can finally talk about! Reroll Productions, the company that brought us Jadepunk: Tales from Kausao City has hired me to work on mechanics for their newest Fate game: Shadowcraft: The Glamour War!

  • Let's Talk Aspects

    Paul: “Alright, I’m going to turn on stealth mode and sneak past the guards.”
    Genevieve: “Ok you…wait what? When did you take a stealth stunt?”
    Paul: “Stunt? No, I don’t need a stunt, I have the ZX-15 Augmented Patrol Suit. I told you it was based off of that TV show I watch, and it totally has a stealth mode!”
    Genevieve: “Oh, well, I didn’t actually watch any episodes. I fell asleep after the intro credits. If you want a stealth mode for your suit, you’re going to need a stunt.”
    Paul: “But, I mean, that’s…sigh

  • Change is Coming

    Greeting, readers! I am sorry for not posting in the past month, but with the holidays—and working online retail—I was swamped with work and family. But it’s now January, and that means back to it!

  • Companions

    The party hires a specialist to help with a mission or quest. The ranger adopts a woodland pet. The mechanic builds a robot friend. A small army is conscripted to overthrow a tyrant. For all these reasons and more, players may find themselves wanted an ally, hireling, pet, or other character to accompany them on their quests. In Fate, that’s pretty easily done and in many different ways.

  • Minions as Obstacles

    Many times in fiction the big bad’s minion lackeys are not competent opponents, but just obstacles in the way of the protagonists. In game terms, instead of them bing NPCs in their own right with skills, stress boxes, and maybe a stunt or consequence, you can treat them as if they were an obstacle to be overcome. This is mentioned briefly on page 217 of Fate Core, but only receives a paragraph worth of description.

  • Jadepunk Review Part 2: Mechanics

    In my last review post I talked about the setting of Jadepunk. Today, I’m here to delve into the mechanical bits.

  • Aspects as Obstacles

    The kid brother to the defend action is the idea of opposition, but is usually lumped in with the defend action. There are some small, but important differences between the two.

  • Stunt Creation Guidelines

    In Fate, stunts are how you do your cool stuff 20% cooler. There are an innumerable amount of stunts that one can make, but they all are made with the same building blocks. Coming up with stunts is more of an art than a science, but there is still some science behind the mechanics, so it can take a bit of time to balance the art and science of stunt creation.

  • Jadepunk Review Part 1: Setting

    I’ve finally gotten around to writing another review! Yay! Today’s review is Jadepunk: Tales from Kausao City by Reroll Productions.

  • The Longevity of Fate Accelerated

    There’s been lots of talk about FAE being a pick-up game or great for one shots, but most people I’ve heard from don’t see it as a good choice for a long-term game. I’d like to visit that idea today.

  • Why I Dislike Weapon and Armour Rating

    I’ve said it plenty of times on various message boards, social media, and in-person conversation: I loathe weapon and armour rating. I’ve mentioned bits here and there, and I figured it was time to compile my reasoning into a coherent blog post!

  • Fate Core & Accelerated Editions

    There still seems to be a bit of confusion when it comes to the differences between the two newest versions of Fate by Evil Hat. Today, I hope to give a concise list of the differences.

  • Refresh Scenes

    When playing Fate face-to-face with your friends, you refresh your Fate Points at the beginning of each session. That’s all well and good, but I don’t play much face-to-face anymore, most of my gaming is PbP these days.

    So how does one reconcile Fate Point refresh with games that don’t have sessions? I call it the Refresh Scene.

  • Shape Shifting

    A few days ago, Michael Moceri posted a question over on the Fate Core G+ Group about shapeshifting in Fate. I wanted to respond to him, but I knew it would be a long response, so I’m putting it here, instead.

  • R.I.P. Aina Nightbringer 2005–2012

    I’ve been hemming and hawing about whether to post this or not for a few weeks now, but I decided to so so. I think it would be a disservice to my fictional hero and the game that made it all possible.

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