Greeting, readers! I am sorry for not posting in the past month, but with the holidays—and working online retail—I was swamped with work and family. But it’s now January, and that means back to it!

Back to Basics

I’m not calling it a New Year’s Resolution (mine would be 1920 × 1080), but I am calling it a desire. I have quite the library of RPG books and have only reviewed a small fraction of them. I’m going to be changing that. I hope to have a regularly-recurring review post (monthly at the least) about one of the various RPGs I have on my —both literal and digital.

Digital Services Inbound

I’m currently teaching myself layout and design with the hopes of helping other gamers get their ideas and writing in a visually appealing PDF and/or ePub. My hope is to be able to do basic PDF/ePub layout for any gamer—even if it’s just a GM wanting their game notes to look good for his or her group—to give their work a better look than just Pages/Word exported to PDF.

The minimum I’d do is full hyperlinks; table of contents; chapter headings, sections, and subsection; and a (barebones) title page. Options would include pictures, tables (with labels if there are a lot, and a list of tables), sidebars, coloured text, and different page sizes.

Fate Bites

With everything else going on, I am definitely not going to be neglecting my Patreon and my patrons. With the plan to get back to blogging more, I’m going to be redesigning how my Patreon works, changing it to monthly instead of per article. One of the things I’m hoping to do is an On Air Hangout with my patrons once or twice a month to chat about Fate, give advice, suggestions, and answer questions. If I can figure out how, I’d then strip the audio and make a podcast out of it.

All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

These changes are going to be done incrementally, instead of all at once, to prevent myself from trying to do too much at one time. My first order of business is to get my digital services going first, and let everything else follow. But if there’s something you’d rather see get off the ground first, I’m all ears!

Thank you, to everyone, who has read, commented, and otherwise encouraged me to continue writing like I have been. Without readers like you, I’d have stopped long ago.